Monday, November 22, 2004

Allawi on Fallujah

From the Washington Times:
Allawi was defiant in his defense of the Fallujah operation, describing it as an unqualified success.

"We went to Fallujah and we broke their back," he said."We found enough weapons there to destroy an entire country."

He said that because of the success in Fallujah, "those who will try to obstruct democracy and election are finished. ... They don't have a safe haven anymore."

Allawi also criticized the Sunni association, accusing some of its members of inciting violence.

"Those who call for violence will be dealt with by force. The judicial system also will deal with those who allow themselves to stoke hatreds," he warned. "I hope that those who call themselves the Association of Muslim Scholars rise to the standards set by Islam as a religion of love and tolerance."

Letters from Marines over at The Corner seem to corroborate the amount of weapons that were found.

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