Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Embedded Reporting: a bad idea?

The video produced by Kevin Sites of a Marine shooting a combatant in a Mosque is now being shown repeatedly on al-Jeezra.

From the Washington Post:
Arab satellite channels replayed unedited footage of the shooting as often as every half-hour ... Arab networks such as al-Jazeera and al-Arabiya broadcast the entire incident, with graphics and narration illustrating the sequence of events. At times, the images were frozen. The gunshot splashed blood against the wall behind the Iraqi's head, and the man's body went limp.

Clearly the video is being used as Enemy Propaganda:
And, sure enough, yesterday Al-Jazeera TV was happily airing the footage of the Marine's action in Fallujah.

At the same time, the network self-righteously declared it would not air the slaughter of Margaret Hassan — no doubt, to avoid generating bad publicity for the terrorists.

No one should be fooled by what's going on here.

Those who equate the head-choppings and cold-blooded executions by terrorists with battlefield shootings by Americans acting in self-defense only bolster the terrorists' cause.

Some do so deliberately.

The others are useful idiots.

Both, in the end, are complicit — morally, if not legally.

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