Sunday, November 28, 2004

Iraqi elections will be held

From the BBC:
The interim deputy prime minister [Mr. Saleh] of Iraq has said that postponing the forthcoming Iraqi elections would be giving in to terrorism.
Speaking on the Breakfast with Frost programme, Mr Saleh condemned the insurgency.

"They do not want to see a functioning democracy right at the heart of the Islamic world," he said. "We will not let them succeed."
But he added: "Most Iraqis, including those in Falluja and Mosul, according to opinion polls, want to take part in elections."

His comments were endorsed by the former British envoy to Baghdad, Sir Jeremy Greenstock, who also appeared on the programme.

"If you allow violence to dictate the timing of the election, that will encourage violence," said Sir Jeremy. "There will be violence whenever you hold them."

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