Friday, November 19, 2004

The media vs. our troops

U.S. Media Do the Terrorists' Bidding
by Michael Reagan
Are the media on our side? If so, why are they doing the bidding of a bunch of murderous thugs who enjoy lopping off innocent peoples’ heads?

We are once again getting the answer loud and clear: To the media, U.S. troops in Iraq are always wrong, and the enemies is usually shown, not as a terrorists, but a victims of unwarranted U.S. aggression.

Consider the firestorm that erupted when a young U.S. Marine, wounded the day before, was videotaped in the act of shooting a so-called insurgent who may or may not have been armed or booby trapped, waiting for a chance to blow Marines and himself to kingdom come.


But that hasn’t prevented the media from showing the film over and over again without telling the other side of the story – that the situation could well have been one of kill-or-be-killed – as happened time and again to Marines during the battle for Fallujah.

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