Thursday, November 18, 2004

More on oil-for-terror

From the New York Post:
Saddam Hussein's former representative in the West Bank has been convicted of funneling millions of dollars from the Iraqi leader to the families of terrorist bombers, authorities said yesterday.
U.S. investigators have said Saddam stole the money from the U.N. oil-for-food program.

Israeli officials have cited documents captured in Ramallah to prove each bomber's family received $33,000, including $25,000 from Saddam, $2,000 from Yasser Arafat and $5,300 from Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Abdullah.

More on Crown Prince Abdullah:

Terror's crown prince is Saudi Arabia's ruler
An editorial by A.M. Rosenthal originally published May 2003

Under the crown prince's monarchical dictatorship, he and his vast family gave at least a half-billion dollars, probably more, to Al Qaeda, ...

The crown prince has given Al Qaeda not just money, but armor, training and safe haven. He has lied repeatedly about his intent to fight terrorism. And he has ignored warnings about imminent terrorist attacks, including the latest one in Saudi Arabia.

Legally and morally, Abdullah is guilty of making possible murders committed singly or en masse by Al Qaeda and all the gangs that are part of it, or long to be.

He blusters out a few sentences now and then about how one day he will destroy the terrorists in his country. He proclaims that the terrorists will not shake one hair on the body of Saudi Arabia. But neither bravado nor the passage of time diminishes the guilt of the crown family and its army of servitors.

Can Saudi leaders break with terrorism?
From an article written by Clifford May originally published May 2003.
Prince Abdullah well knows that the ideology of Wahhabism - his country's religion - explicitly condones and promotes terrorism. Wahhabism says, in effect that infidels are vermin. Bin Ladenism says if that is true, someone must assume the role of righteous exterminator.

For a long time, the Saudi Royals have tried to have it both ways. They spend millions of dollars in the United States on public relations and advertising campaigns portraying themselves as "America's allies in the war against terrorism." But they also pay billions of dollars to the Wahhabis who incite terrorism from New York to Bali to Mombassa to Tel Aviv. And they turn a blind eye when wealthy Saudi sheiks directly finance terrorist organizations.

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